Anala Guertin



Although not a SCAD survivor herself, Anala has witnessed the life-changing impact SCAD had on her friend and neighbor, Rachel Doucette, co-founder of SCAD Alliance. Through close contact with Rachel and her family, Anala learned about her life-threatening experience with misdiagnosis and the unbelievable lack of information available about SCAD. The first few days were uncertain and frightening for everyone. Anala has been amazed and impressed with Rachel’s recovery, as well as by her determination to provide information and support to other SCAD survivors.

In her role as SCAD Alliance Treasurer, Anala brings to her position experience gained as treasurer of the Georgetown, Massachusetts, Parent-Teacher Association. She is a Kindergarten through 4th Grade Reading and Math Teacher, and previously managed her community’s Preschool Parents Group.

As a mom of two boys, Anala stays busy enjoying activities with her family. Anala is thrilled to support the mission of SCAD Alliance to further advance research and awareness so that others don’t have to go through what the Doucettes did.