Becky Pomerleau

Those who know Becky would never have expected that she would nearly lose her life to heart attack in 2014. She exhibited none of the typical risk factors, exercised regularly, and took care of her body. So while celebrating her fifth wedding anniversary on a ski trip with her husband, Jeremiah, in Colorado, Becky also denied the tightening in her chest and tingling down her left arm could be a heart attack. After a second heart attack two days later, Jeremiah insisted on a trip to the ER. But it was too late. Even with multiple surgeries, her heart could not be saved. She is with us today thanks to the gift of organ donation and her will to live.

Becky is now on a mission to raise awareness regarding the prevalence of heart disease in women, especially Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD), and the vital need for organ donation. “Had I known about the demographics of SCAD, it’s possible I would have sought medical attention for my initial symptoms, rather than delaying care and sealing the fate of my original heart,” she says.

As a Board member of SCAD Alliance, Becky’s focus includes:

  • Finding the cause and/or genetic disposition of SCAD to ensure early detection and prevention for others;
  • Improving the forms of testing for SCAD that do not stress the heart, which elevates the risk of additional dissections
  • Assisting others with the resolve to discover and apply life lessons from their experience.


Becky is also active with the American Heart Association and Go Red for Women, participating in events in both Silicon Valley and Denver. She and her husband love the outdoors, including hiking, running, skiing, and biking. True to her nature and in honor of her heart donor, Becky has no intention of slowing down!