Tina Pittman Wagers, MSW, PsyD

Tina had a heart attack from SCAD in August 2014 while swimming across a lake during a family vacation in Idaho. Fortunately, her husband was able to get her out of the water, and she received a timely and accurate diagnosis and effective care soon afterwards. The diagnosis stunned Tina and her family: she is fit and otherwise healthy, and had participated in a sprint triathlon two weeks before her SCAD. Through this experience, Tina learned that not everyone with SCAD is as lucky as she was, and she is committed to helping other SCAD patients and their families receive accurate diagnoses and effective care immediately following a SCAD and beyond.

For twenty years, Tina has been a clinical psychologist. Before that, she was a clinical social worker. She teaches undergraduate students and supervises Ph.D. students at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. As a psychologist, she has a long-standing interest in evidence-based treatments for psychological disorders, and accurate diagnosis and treatment of women’s mental health disorders in particular.

Tina is excited to contribute to the SCAD Alliance mission of support, advocacy and education around SCAD. She is ready to use her experience as a psychologist to enhance the organization’s ability to raise awareness of the psychosocial, as well as physical needs of SCAD survivors and their families.