Find the Support you Need

Because of its nature, being a family member or friend of someone taken by SCAD is something few can understand. Connecting with people forming communities to deal with its aftermath can help.


You Are Not Alone

We are a growing network of fellow Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection survivors, researchers and clinicians devoted to the mission of supporting you, your family and your health care team.



SCAD, because of how suddenly it strikes, often leaves family and friends devastated. We can help you find counseling to assist you in dealing with unexpected loss.


Support Groups

There are many groups online, formed by families and friends affected by SCAD, dedicated to working through loss together.


Knowledge is power

From recognizing symptoms to understanding how SCAD happens, knowledge is a powerful tool for support.



If you’d like to get involved in furthering the mission of SCAD Alliance, we’d love to talk to you about how you can help.

Get Involved

Take your experience and help us make a difference for those who have been affected by SCAD. Join us and build a legacy of hope.

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