Happy Heart Month resources for you…

It’s February and for SCAD survivors that means shouting from the rooftops that not all heart attacks are caused by cholesterol plaque. Sometimes it may feel like we aren’t heard in the Heart Month chorus of heart disease prevention. Yet your story is powerful. Keep telling it. The SCAD message sinks in–even when it seems like you aren’t heard. You never know who will remember your SCAD story and help save a life. 

SCAD in a nutshell

The SCAD Alliance infographic video is perfect to share the basics of spontaneous coronary artery dissection in 2 minutes:
Stop the Heartbreak of SCAD

For a comprehensive overview of SCAD in about 10 minutes, click on the audiofile in this link:
The heart attack that affects healthy women

SCAD in the news

These SCAD survivors have reached out to media outlets or worked with their local health care system to tell their stories:

Aashrayata Pandit

‘I was in denial’: When a healthy, young woman has a heart attack

Donnese Taylor

What to know about SCAD heart attacks 

Lauren Dungan

Young mom suffers heart attack just days after giving birth. Now she’s raising awareness for others

Keep telling your SCAD story

Patients’ stories are a critical part of understanding SCAD, raising awareness of our specific type of heart attack, and also educating important people in our health journey — family, friends, and our medical care team.

This toolkit can help you prepare for appointments and better communicate with your doctor:
Patient’s Toolkit (Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine)

This tip sheet will help you decide when and how to share your story to a broader audience or through the media:
Sharing Your Story (Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care)

Be in touch … if you have ideas or links to share, let us know! Send them to info@scadalliance.org