New psychosocial research to benefit survivors

Motivated by her personal journey as a SCAD survivor, SCAD Alliance board member Tina Pittman Wagers, M.S.W., Psy.D., is leading a research study of the psychosocial impact of the SCAD experience. The survey launched today on social media with the following announcement:

What is it like to survive SCAD? WeHave-Your-Say3 want to hear from you. What has helped you, what hasn’t, and what ideas do you have that could help us support SCAD survivors in the future? To better understand survivor and caregiver needs, SCAD Alliance, in partnership with the University of Colorado Boulder, has developed this short, confidential online survey, which takes about 15 minutes to complete. Your responses will help SCAD Alliance develop tools to educate health care providers and resources to best support SCAD survivors and their families.
Go to to complete the survey. Thank you!