Reproductive health and SCAD

Watch this panel on women’s reproductive health and SCAD to understand what we know about the role hormones may play in SCAD. The doctors reviewed recommendations regarding contraception, pregnancy, and menopause symptom management. Most important, they offered sound advice gained through their personal experience helping SCAD patients.

Two-time SCAD survivor and SCAD Alliance board member Rebecca Freeman is moderator. Access the webinar through this link:

Meet the Panel:
Dr. Sahar Naderi is a cardiologist and Director of Women’s Heart Health at Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco. Dr. Naderi has expertise in conditions that disproportionately impact women, specifically SCAD, as well as aortic diseases, including genetic conditions such as Marfan Syndrome, and other rare vascular conditions. Dr. Naderi is a SCAD Alliance scientific adviser, member of the iSCAD Registry Steering Committee, and Principal Investigator of the iSCAD Registry site at Kaiser San Francisco.
Dr. Kate Lindley is a cardiologist, Associate Professor of Medicine, and Director of the Center for Woman’s Heart Disease at Washington University–St. Louis, MO. She is Principal Investigator of the iSCAD Registry at Wash U. Her research interests include Women’s Heart Disease, heart disease in pregnancy, peripartum cardiomyopathy, contraception in women with heart disease, and cardiovascular sequelae of pre-eclampsia.
Kathy E. Economy, MD
Dr. Economy is Assistant Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology, at Harvard Medical School. Her areas of focus include cardiac disease in pregnancy, high-risk pregnancy, maternal-fetal medicine, multiple births, as well as rheumatologic and autoimmune disorders.
Dr. Amy Sarma is a noninvasive cardiologist with a particular interest in women’s cardiovascular health, cardiovascular disease in pregnancy, and echocardiography. She is a member of the Massachusetts General Hospital SCAD program team. Her research interests are cardiovascular disease in pregnancy and sex differences in cardiovascular disease.
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