SCAD in the ER on Ask the Experts

GREAT ADVICE FOR EVERY WOMAN. Dr. Alyson McGregor, Dr. Basmah Safdar, Dr. Sahar Naderi and SCAD Alliance Co-founder/Board Chair Katherine Leon discuss the difficult issues SCAD patients face in the Emergency Department, both when initially diagnosed and with any ongoing chest pain during the recovery phase.

Here is the recording for you to view and share with your family, friends, and health care team:
SCAD Alliance YouTube Channel

Dr. Alyson McGregor is Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and the Co-Founder and Director for the Division of Sex and Gender in Emergency Medicine at Brown University’s Department of Emergency Medicine. Her most recent book is “Sex Matters: How Male-Centric Medicine Endagers Women’s Health and What We Can Do About It”. Dr. McGregor has given a TED Talk on this important topic and appears in the documentary, Ms. Diagnosed.

Dr. Basmah Safdar is Director of the Yale New Haven Hospital Chest Pain Center. As a nationally recognized clinical researcher in sex and gender-specific cardiovascular health, Dr. Safdar focuses on better diagnostics and treatment of under-diagnosed causes of persistent chest pain. She led the first emergency department randomized clinical trial in the United States treating microvascular disease in undifferentiated emergency department chest pain patients.

Dr. Sahar Naderi is a cardiologist and Director of Women’s Heart Health at Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco. Dr. Naderi has expertise in conditions that disproportionately impact women, specifically SCAD, as well as aortic diseases, including genetic conditions such as Marfan Syndrome, and other rare vascular conditions. She is a member of the iSCAD Registry steering committee and principal investigator of the Kaiser–Northern California iSCAD Registry site.
Dr. Naderi will moderate the questions that have been submitted in advance and add insight to the unique considerations of treating SCAD in the ER.