SCADheart Toolkit

The resources in the SCADheart Toolkit are intended to support you and help organize your healthcare needs, whether you are a spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) survivor or caregiver. You can customize your file of information and update it whenever you choose. These worksheets can be accessed, updated, and downloaded as your care progresses.

Additional forms and resources will be added to SCADheart Toolkit over time, so watch for announcements in our eNews or check this webpage regularly to update your personal toolkit.

*All applicable forms can be filled out with a PDF viewer like Acrobat Reader. If you are on a mobile or tablet, click your Share button to send the file to your PDF viewer. On iPad or iPhone, save to the device’s preview folder to open and fill the form.

SCAD Survivor Information

Understanding our individual SCAD experience and its impact provides a foundation to apply tools and strategies for healing and thriving. This document can help SCAD Survivors manage their diagnosis.

SCAD Caregiver Information

Caregiving can be both rewarding and difficult, wearing on you physically and emotionally, but there are many things that you can do to make caregiving easier. This document can help the caregiver navigate the help given to a SCAD survivor.

SCAD Emergency Department (ED) Plan

There may be a time when the SCAD Survivor needs emergency medical care. This form will help you plan for this time sensitive, emergent situation.

SCAD Healthcare Team Contact List

Keeping all healthcare providers' contact information in one location provides easy access when needed. This list will help you organize this information..

SCAD Medical Appointment Worksheet

There may be a time when the SCAD Survivor needs emergency care. Talk to members of the healthcare team in advance about what to do in emergency situations.

SCAD Medication List

It is important to take medication exactly as prescribed. This form can help you keep track of your medication information.